One of Runescape's first famous players since runescape classic.

THE REAL SATAR is S a t a r

Was a very high level player on runescape hiscores right behind players like zezima and ashley.

He was very famous and known as one of the original and best pkers for early runescape. His clan and clanmates dominated the wild and took out many teams.

He was an avid melee and ranger.

known hiscore spots currently (still searching):

October 2004

38. Tezz Jr = 124 (94m)(83p)(85r) 39. Fist Of God = 124 (99m)(82p)(99r) 40. Zezima = 124 (99m)(82p)(99r) 41. 0ddball = 124 (99m)(82p)(99r) 42. Ashley = 124 (99m)(82p)(99r) 43. Satar = 124 (99m)(82p)(95r)

Was such a threat in the pking world that some of the older and oldest rs players know this name to this date.

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