Scuzzy Beta
Scuzzy Beta (2016)
Scuzzy Beta
Total level 2190
Combat level 124
Other names Scuzzy Alpha, Scuzzy Omega, skippythevan, Postie Pete
Started playing 2003
Known for Social Media Contributions & RS Wiki contributor
ScuzzyBeta chat

Scuzzy Beta The Wikian, also known as Scuzzy Alpha, Scuzzy Omega, Skippythevan and Postie Pete, is a reasonably[1] well known contributor on the RuneScape Wiki. He formerly owned a clan called "Amour Soins," (French for "Love Cares")[2][3] which is now a part of Mega Resurgence.

Scuzzy Beta started playing in 2003 during RuneScape Classic. At the time he had no idea what he was doing and managed to get level 20 Woodcutting believing it was a lot. He continued to play off and on randomly throughout 2003-2009 eventually taking a break when the server crashes of 2009 began. He started playing again in 2012 with his friend C Dragoon and still went around doing nothing productive. In November 2012, when the Evolution of Combat was released, the then named Scuzzy Alpha changed his name to Scuzzy Beta, saying "It was time to upgrade," whilst saving a kitten from a burning building.[4]

He started to play regularly again in September 2013, and has been doing so and loving it[5] ever since.

Scuzzy Beta's main costume is the one pictured. He tends to switch his costume around sometimes but tends to keep the rainbow boots & the grim reaper hood. The outfit changes slightly during special holiday events, for example, wearing the GameBlast tunic in place of the Frostwalker tunic during the RuneScape Gameblast 2014 event (Wearing it again during the World Cup, although they couldn't care less about it), the Marimbo cape during the 2014 Spring Event, the Hiker Backpack in place of the cape during the "RuneScape Roadtrip," and wearing a lent Santa Hat during most of December 2013.



  1. "Okay maybe not as well known as they'd like to think they are" - Scuzzy Beta whilst writing this article
  4. He never actually rescued a kitten from a burning building.
  5. "I love it!

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