Rachseason pking
RSRT-Stamps-BLUE (2)

Season, known in RuneScape for being in a top ranking player. She has been one of the Top 10 players on the overall hiscores and started playing daily in January 2002. She has three grown children and works full time as self-employed.

She was made p-mod in 2009. Gamblers conspired to get it removed after she repeatedly muted them in the GE.

Her favorite skill is farming (was 1st in farming for over a year)and favorite combat is range.

Season is a long-time member of the Skillers United clan. She is also known for having a very active friends chat that is open to everyone. Please come visit.

As of Novemeber 9th, 2012, she is ranked 23rd and has four skills trained to 200m experience points and has 2.2 billion total experience.

As of September 27th, 2014, she is currently the oldest female Elf on RuneScape.

In early 2015 she reached 3b xp with 7 skills maxed at 200m. 2015 goal all skills to over 100m.

Favorite active was playing Runescape with her daughter, Pocahonas. You can see them together in the picture above pking. Season was famous before her daughter started playing and was called on to teleport, almost daily, to her daughters location to prove she was her mother in real life.

Thankyou letter

One of her favorite memories was receiving an addy short sword from a random player. At the time, addy was the highest metal. At the time she could not wield the sword because her level was too low.

You will find her on Twitter--Seasonrs and

You can watch a few skills videos on YouTube with full commentary

Rs 1st farming

1st in farming for over a year before stopping to work on overall xp

Rs 1b xp
Rs hilt drop
Rs 7th place

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