Senitex is a Runescape player since 2009. His previous account name was called Coolboff1, he quit this account shortly after he achieved 99 Magic. As he was going for 99 Magic on Coolboff1 he found an insperational video by Sterile Mage called "99 Magic Rap". As he is 99 Magic at 10 Constitution, Coolboff1 decided to make a skiller. He then thought it was quite boring being a normal skiller so he decided to be a 99 Magic 10 Constitution pure at 50 combat. (The story of Senitex video. His YouTube video of the road to 99 Magic.)
50 magic rofl

Senitex achieving 50 Magic

99 magic w00t

Senitex's 99 Magic (not cropped)

His YouTube channel can be found at: Http:// . He is now 99 Magic, Fletching, Cooking, Firemaking, Mining and Woodcutting. He is currently known to be the highest magic xp, out of all the 99 Magic 10 Constitution pures at: 20,145,864 (known to record, yet this isn't 100% certain)

He has achieved 99 fishing (25-9-2010)

More on this page coming soon. Feel free to edit.

He is currently called 'Look Who'

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