Shillenletor is a RuneScape player. He was aiming for 99 Woodcutting. But he said "Nah Stuff it". dennissmells has good Highscore ranks for a Level 80-90. Now he mostly fishes in Seer's Village. He fishes lobs then cooks them.

I think that he can get a 99. He has a life. He plays runescape almost Everyday for 1 hour. He gets 200 Lobs per Hour. How is he famous? Well the name dennissmells was made by Durial321. He said dennissmells was a good name for World Of Warcraft. So has an old famous name. He plays in sever 112 (Australia). We don't know if he lives in Australia. He is mostly in NightmareRH's clan. But he moved to C0ppercab's clan because lots of people were in NightmareRH's clan. He started in 2007,He still plays now.

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