Shumon786 is a RuneScape player who is member of the clan "The Soul Reapers" since 3 years ago, but he does not play anymore.

In the year 2009, Shumon786 was in the process of doing his level 3 clue which he got from green dragons. As he reached the end for his reward, hoping for his luck to get 3rd age, he has suprisingly recieved a third age platebody, however due to shumons dopiness, he thought it was a 'steel platebody', so he decided to log out for a break still knowing that he got steel platebody. As soon as he logged back in, shumon finally realized he has gotten a 3rd age item from the clue scroll. His bestfriend 'E2 Mafia 007' had to make ways all the way to the wilderness to save his ass because he was about to die. As he has traded him food over, shumon showed the 3rd age to E2, and E2 Mafia 007's. He then later sold it for 87m in GE with a big fat smile on his face. Bless him...but then he lost it all few months later.

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