SilentRogu3 was a RuneScape player who started playing in 2000, when he was 4 years old. Hee was a member of "3zealsmax" and contributed in important events in soul wars and clan wars. As of 2013, he reached level 99 is ten skills: Woodcutting, Fishing , Cooking, Smithing, Mining, Firemaking, Runecrafting, Magic and  Fletching.

He is currently in one of the best Black Ops teams on the ladder and is well known among PC black ops community.[clarification needed]


As a member of 3zealsmax, silentrogu3 was no doubt a very powerful heroic warrior. He is currently level 99 with several skills such as Woodcutting, Fishing, Fletching and Cooking.

Besides his virtual world character, he is known internationally for his taichi videos on youtube. A teacher and master himself, he has taught millions of old people throughout the world.

When the news of Silentrogu3 reached 10 level 99's, it reached the rest of the runescape community, zezima comments that his skills are exceptional and everyone should mourne his death in silence. However, it turned out another 2000 players all used this time to party and celebrate in Falador party room about his achievement. Despite all silentrogu3's school mates laughing at his runescape addiction and his virtues of reaching level 99 in all skills, when the news that silentrogu3 achieved 10 level 99s, the whole school hosted a moment of silence on the very day he was accomplised this.

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