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Silthill is a player best known for his 1-iteming clan in the former bounty worlds on world 32. His clan rivalled other clans such as world 32 pkers, str stm, mewe, S0, im sobeast, iTank Much and Skyrim. This clan was unpopular for players who were risking because bsing was common and other clans would often raid the hideout, killing anyone with valuble items.

After the return of the old wilderness, Silthill continued to use world 57 for a while and often times, became the dominant clan within the wildy. One of the generals wildcattwo2 decided to make her own clan and they quickly became rivals. Wildcattwo2 vs Im sobeast vs Black Csr & Ez.


Str stm

This is where their hideout was on world 32 bounty worlds

Unlike many other clans in bounty world, Silthill clan had their own hideout. Their hideout was at the stairs which is near the cave leading to forinthry dungeon. Most of their members would gather or hangout around this area. 

Players who were risking would often hang out on top of the stairs away from others, so they had a greater chance of escape in case of getting bsed, or attacked by an enemy clan. Archers and Magers also tended to be upstairs so they could easily attack people from down below. 

Rival Clans


A group of players raiding silthill hideout

There were a number of clans that often tried to defeat Silthills clan and take over their hideout. The most well-known were Mewe, Str Stm, w32 pkers, and Im sobeast. Near the end of the bounty world era, mewe was successful and later became the dominant 1-iteming clan until the restoration of the wilderness in 2011.

w32 pkers was also another semi-popular 1 iteming clan (Although never as popular as Silthill). Their hideout was at the bandit camp which wasn't too far from Silthill's hideout. Often, someone in Silthills clan would organise a raid  and take out any players at the bandit camp.  If a player was kicked from Silthill fc, they would often join w32 pkers, or skyrims fc. Skyrim was another popular clan on world 32 who would often hangout near fog and the chaos temple. Their team was mostly comprised of pures who were risking. Every once in a while, they would raid silthill's hideout and attack anyone who was carrying valubles.

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