SinatraFan77 is a very pro player who plays pretty regularly. He is a level 71 and his highest skill is in Attack with 60. He can usually be seen doing quests wearing either his signature Inspector's Clothing or his favorite Bearhead Cap. He regularly does quests, and does many that some would consider to be over his level. His proudest achievements include doing Dragon Slayer at level 41 and recently doing Monkey Madness and is currently going to start Underground Pass. He is considered to be very friendly and loves to talk to other people while skilling (which is very rare for him) doing a good quest or being at the G.E/Bank. He is pretty active on the Runescape Forums and he strongly dislikes botting and trolls (both the human trolls and the enemy trolls, haha) He also does many Distraction and Diversions and will often play his two favorites, Pest Control and Troll Invasion. He can usually be found on World 100 doing a quest or at the G.E or finding something to kill.

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