Sir Claridge is a Runescape player, and is a member of the Runescape clan 'The Soul Reapers'. Sir Claridge s one of the Veterans of the clan, with a Combat Level of 138, along with being completely maxed combat wise. Sir Claridge's hobbies include doing Slayer, although he is already Level 99, and PvM.

Sir Claridge is known by his generosity and kind behaviour, and is a very respected member of the TSR family.

The Fall and Rise of Sir Claridge the Cool

Sir Claridge was the victim of the most infamous crime 'Betrayal' committed in TSR. 'Betrayal' happened nearly a year ago. It consisted of, 'Aysandie' a previously high ranking, rich, Veteran of TSR making a deal with 'Sir Claridge'. The deal was for Sir Claridge to pay Aysandie 300m cash, and in return, Aysandie would buy him a Divine Spirit Shield. Sir Claridge would then give 'Aysandie' monthly installments of 50m cash until the debt was paid.

However, even though Aysandie had known Sir Claridge for years, and was worth well over 8B gp, he deceived Sir Claridge and left the clan, taking Sir Claridge's 300m with him. Aysandie has since been stripped of his TSR rank, kicked and black listed permanently.

This event led to Sir Claridge being on the verge of quitting, but he was stopped by fellow clan members. Since then, Sir Claridge has rebuilt his bank, along with gaining 99 Prayer and Summoning, and he is currently worth a cool 1b.


Sir Claridge's favorite hobby is Slayer. With over 80 Million xp, he is the best Slayer in TSR. He also holds the rank of 545th in strength in the world with a massive 130m exp.


Not a Bad Hit

Current Stats. Updated: 29/01/2015
Attack 99
Strength 99
Defence 99
Ranged 99
Prayer 99
Magic 99
Runecrafting 99
Construction 99
Dungeoneering 120
Constitution 99
Agility 99
Herblore 99
Thieving 99
Crafting 99
Fletching 99
Slayer 99
Hunter 99
Mining 99
Smithing 99
Fishing 99
Cooking 99
Firemaking 99
Woodcutting 99
Farming 99
Summoning 99


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