Skawo Is A Player In Runescape He Isn't Much Famous But He Does Hang Around And Talks In Many Clans A lot, On February 2009 His Account Was Created, He Didn't Skill But Only Checked The Updates, He Also Mentioned He Has A Main But The Account Name And Info Hasn't Been Revealed Yet. A Few People Have Questioned What Does The Username Even Mean? And Any Secreta About It But Skawo Hasn't Told. He Also Seems To Wear Blue On His Shirt,Cape,Legs,Bow,And Even Hair. He First Was Colored Purple But He Changed It, It Was Strange Why He Does That Anyway. On December 1 He Mentioned His Main Has 67 Cooking,75 Woodcutting,99 Dungeoneering,70 Prayer,99 Strength,And 75 Attack. but His lowest stat is farming at 27.

Where Can Be Found

  • Mostly In "Noob"s Clan Chat, Ot At A Random Clan.
  • World 1,7,And 62


Skawo Mentioned His Name Also Is Similar With His RSN, His Name Initials Are S,K,And O Which Sounds Like Skawo. But that's still not his reason for why he put that username.

Skawo said His Cousin Is Familiar With some of the past famous rs players, because His Cousin Also Showed His Friends Runescape. One Of Them Was Skiller 703. But No Proof Has Been Shown.

Skawo Also Mentioned that he knows Idioticman0. a YouTube rusher.

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