Total level 2595
Combat level 138
Known for Winner of the Dungeoneering tips video competition

Skiller, or Rogie in OSRS, is a Player Moderator. He owns a trimmed completionist cape. He is known for being the winner of the Dungeoneering tips video competition held by Jagex.

He is a known member of the community especially in the area of bot busting and owns his own friends chat devoted to stopping bots. He is also known to contribute to RuneScape fansites such as RSBuddy.

Skiller is also known as a PvM'er, having been one of the first few players to actually solo Nex and record the kill, and for having been on the first teams to defeat Vorago and Hard-mode Vorago. Prior to the release of RS3, he has also discovered numerous ways of killing bots, as shown on his YouTube channel.

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