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Skythekid is a video maker. He wears agility top and legs, with an agility cape, and double eye patches. He has Long Curtins for hair. He is also popular for his talent in voice acting which he uses for his comedy videos. He is probably best known for his "For Teh Lulz" series which includes random ideas to make people laugh. He originaly quit RuneScape in June 2011. In 2014 he came back due to fans requesting him to do Runescape again. He made 2 episodes so far but has less time to do this because of his Minecraft videos.

Skythekid came back to runescape on October 5th 2011 and has since recorded 2 videos and spent time with his fans and friends in-game.

Upon his return, players who had added him before he quit flocked to his location to welcome him back to runescape.

He created the YouTube channel "SkyDoesMinecraft" originally as a joke spinoff. Never intending for it to be as popular as he is now. Because of this, for 3 years he left Runescape.

He is now known as "SkyDoesMinecraft" on Youtube now, and makes videos on Minecraft, usually about mods. and mini-games.

He has over 11 million subscribers and over 1 billion views now.

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