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Total level 2496
Combat level 138
Other names Molecule x2
Nationality Asian/American
Known for PvM and YouTube Videos

Smokey9112 is a RuneScape player who has acquired the completionist cape. He is known for his player-vs-monster videos on YouTube. He safespots bosses and finds PvM flaws, being the first to solo Nex with a safespot tactic (in which he later maxed out from effigy drops prior to the ancient effigy nerf). He is sometimes seen in videos by Born For PvM and RuneShark. He makes up-to-date PvM monster tactic guides, such as Dungeoneering Bosses, and notibly the Fight Kiln, in which he himself completed in Bot Gear with no overloads. He generally overlooks updates made by Jagex and reviews them in great detail. His YouTube channel name is "Smokey9112films" in which he makes videos on a regular basis. Smokey has also made EoC bossing guides too.

List of PvM Acievements

  • Soloed Nex with only one item: The Zaryte bow
  • Killing Sunfreet in Bot Gear
  • Completing the Fight Kiln in Bot Gear (no overloads)
  • Killing Tz-Tok Jad in ~400 punches
  • Killing the King Black Dragon in 506 punches
  • Completing Fight Kiln in 1 Defence Pure Gear (no overloads)


Smokey9112's brother Wilson Magna also plays RS and is seen around often on RS and the forums and a few of Smokeys videos himself.

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