Snakey465 (snâ-key) started playing Runescape in summer 2005. Throughout his RuneScape career he continued to gain levels and knowledge of the game. He advanced to between 50 and 55 combat in his first year, and remained a F2P player until 2008. Some of his past usernames include Snake Of W77 and VICE-Chaos. Throughout his time as a member, it was well known by his fans that his favorite weapon was the Armadyl godsword. He stated that it was the best weapon in RuneScape, even after dragon claws were released. Later on Snakey started using the Chaotic Rapier, stating that although melee was overpowered, he would use it as well simply because everyone else did.


Snakey465 before dungeoneering

Clan History

During his first year and a half on RuneScape, he joined the F2P clan wars leader Kingdom X2 in a war to win the ownership of world 30 clan wars. Later in his RuneScape career Snakey joined Legendz, a F2P based clan wars clan which he has been a part of off and on for 6 months now. After joining Legendz as a full member for the first time, he joined World 77 Crash Unit and quit toward the end of the US summer in 2010. Today Snakey465 can be found some of the time in Kevin L89 clan chat.