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So Wreck3d
Total level 1869
Other names Matt
Nationality American
Started playing 2004
Known for YouTube videos

So Wreck3d (also known as Matt) is a RuneScape player and a videomaker who started playing in 2004. He makes videos for YouTube about Player Killing, he used to do frequent videos of Player Killing, around every 2 days, as well streaming live on Twitch, but over time, quantity of the videos and live streams went down for reasons he wishes not to discuss.

He also helped for bringing back the RuneScape 2007 Servers. So Wreck3d plays Old School RuneScape and had achievements such as doing Monkey Madness with just 1 prayer.[1]

On August 16, 2013, Matt, uploaded a video on his youtube channel stating that Jagex had hired him (and two others) to work as a community relations worker for Old School RuneScape.[2][3]

Matt was given a J Mod account with the name "Mod Wreck3d", his J Mod account didn't posses the standard powers of a Jagex employee. His main account "So Wreck3d" wasn't modded to a J-Mod account, which is standard for Jagex employees to have personal accounts (Player account) and bussiness accounts (J Mod accounts). On October 5th, 2013, Silentc0re confirmed that Jagex ended up not hiring Matt for a J-Mod spot.[4]

So Wreck3d was recently the center of a Runescape controversy when a Youtuber by the name of "sofir3d" posted an exposed video where So Wreck3d was heard in a Skype call saying controversial things, such as him using a Twitter bot to spam Runescapes Twitter (which was proven not to be true and was mistaken for people spamming Jagex during the Pre-EoC petition Matt had started), saying part of the Runescape community was terrible, and making fun of a few J-Mods including Mod Jane and Mod Mark. While the video was playing there was playing a slideshow of pictures in the background of So Wreck3d speaking to a person using private message system on Runescape, where he referred to this player as "Blackanese" and said he was going to ban him, however this screenshot was never verified to be real, as it could have been made on a private server.[5] So Wreck3d Later apologized pubicly on Twitch to the Jmods and to his viewers a week after the scandal.

About a week after the video was released, So Wreck3d posted a video titled "The BOLD Blunt Truth (In Context)"[6] where he admitted to saying some of these things mentioned in the exposed video and apologizing for saying them, a few days later, So Wreck3d made a video claiming to sue the person or persons involved in leaking the Skype call and his private messages saying it was an invasion of his privacy, and said his lawyer could get this on trial for unconstitutional wire tapping along with 3 other federal crimes. About a day after he put the video up , he took it down and a few days after that he said in a live stream that he wasn't going to go through with it because he just wanted the whole thing to simmer down. Matt and his brother Mike attributed this act to their father pressuring them to do so, as their place of living was called repeatedly by pranksters. About 5 months later he uploaded a video called what happened to matt and he talks about a new found passion. Matt has since returned to RS video making in his spare time as he works full time now as a Software developer.


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