Soft Force
Total level 2068
Combat level 181
Other names funkyfreash05
Nationality American
Started playing 2007
Soft force is an American runescape player known for how "beast" he is and his rank 172,850 with 74,571,687 total experience (as of September 20, 2011)

He started playing runescape at around 2007 on his first account "funkyfreash05" but since lost that account and now plays on his former skiller soft force as a main.


Soft force being a total PRO

His legacy

It was once said that his main is the player "zezima" but no one knows for sure, when asked about it his response is always ">.>"

He is usually seen at world 28 grand exange being a lazy bum and talking to his noob friends

In May 2009 he was the 110,000th player to get 99 cooking and in August 2011 was the 93,000th person to get 99 magic


Soft force died on august 11th, 2010 in a wilderness ddos and lost 350k in rune and dragon items

"Runescape never has been or will be the same without that bastard, soft force :'c" -mod mark in his clan chat


"i'm soft!"

Speaking in skype:

Unknown: "I can't do jad till i get that thing...ummmm"

Soft force: "a condom?"

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