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Formally known as his overall Gaming name 'MTAM', Strider3282 has created a name for himself on Runescape for developing Swiftkit and its predecessor (SwiftSwitch) later moving into the Call of Duty industry for being a Competitive Sniper.

Runescape Career

Strider3282 (aka MTAM): Started playing Runescape in the early 2000's as a normal player and at 2009 quitting for afew years. Since then.. he has returned to Runescape and is gaining exp while attempting to run a Youtube Channel called 'MaxedEfficiency'. ~ [infamous Yellow Phat (JagexMods)]

Gaming Career

MTAM Started his overall gaming career playing Runescape and in late 2009 he moved to Call of Duty where he was able to achieve highly in the Competitive side of the game leading many Sniping Clans for Cod4 and Mw2.

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