Username: Sxe Asher (formerly Slymaster04 until mid 2009 when changed name)

Sxe Asher started playing Runescape in early 2004 but has quit multiple times throughout his Runescape career. He has always played for 'the fun of the game' and thus has never really attempted to achieve any high levels (90+). Sxe Asher enjoys clans and has a very long history of being in clans.

Oppression Fighters (2004-2005): Oppression Fighters was, at the time, considered to be more of a crash-war clan that enjoyed walking around in the Wilderness attacking larger groups that prayed on individuals or small PK teams. Asher quickly climbed the ladder of the ranks and eventually became a Council Member until the clan was shut down when the Leader quitted. Requirements (60/70+ Combat)

Legion of Heroes (2005-2006): Legion of Heroes grew from that ashes that the Oppression Fighters left behind. Virtually the same clan, Asher led the way as the clan grew in size into an impressive 60+ active members. As the majority of the clan grew in level, the requirements were slowly raised to 80+ Combat. Slowly, the clan began to die due to many players retiring. The majority of the clan was entering the College age and a large chunk retired. Slowly but surely, the clan was left to dust.

Death Before Dishonor (2006): The few that remained in Legion of Heroes created Death Before Dishonor (DB4D). The clan lasted a mere month before it eventually died down due to inactivity. At this point, Asher quit Runescape for a short amount of time.

Legion of Heroes 2 (2008): A few of the former leaders from the original Legion of Heroes attempted to recreate the clan. Asher quickly joined but the clan failed due to inactive leaders. At this point, Asher once again quit Runescape for a short period of time as all but 1 of his former clan members had moved on from Runescape.

Asher toyed around with creating a few pures in an attempt to respark his passion for Runescape. Such pures (Toast Tanker - a range/2h tank and 4 S H 3 R were mid-successes but nothing famous or special). Asher then looked around for a similar fun styled clan.

Corruption (2009-2011): Asher applied as an Intro. He became a very popular Intro until he quit in 2010 and gave his account away. He is looking to restart Runescape once his account is unbanned.

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