Shadow's Current Outfit

TMW Shadow is a semi-retired player and former Player Moderator (Info on his resignation below) who used to hang out in TehNoobShow's, Tezz's, Jiblix's and Aspenfox's Friend Chat. He was known to be mainly on world 97 (supposedly his home world since he was F2P) or occasionally world 84. He was also known to be a very chill person, usually chatting with people and giving out advice when needed. He did however seem to get annoyed easily with some of the more immature players. Apparently the TMW in his name once stood for 'The Midnight Warrior' but has since faded into an orphan acronym (has no more meaning.)

No one really knows how long he was a Player Moderator or even how long he has played RuneScape, but it has to be longer than 5 years due to him owning an Easter Ring (From the 2006 Easter Event) and owning a Veteran Cape. However, he was one of the players who prefer RS from 2010 and earlier, due to his belief that Jagex had a good thing going and messed the game up and changed their priorities in 2011.

Surprisngly even though he has played RS for 5+ he has only gotten one 99 skill, being Magic. When asked why he chose to get 99 Magic, he said that it was useful and made up for the fact that he actually had to grind to level it. He was not known to wear his Mage Cape because he thinks it's boring and dull, he much prefers wearing his Quest Cape when he had the ability to wear it (since he has quit he does not bother with the missing quests anymore) due to it being a "challengeing" and "fun" cape to keep and maintain. However, he has stated multiple times that he would never get the Max Cape or the Completionest Cape due to his stance against grinding and he does not find it "fun" to work for them.

---Resignment and Retirement---

Shadow sent in his resignition on 8/22/11 to a J Mod in game and was granted his release on 8/23/11. He then quit shortly after. He did not go out with a party and left quietly. Most of his friends did not even know he quit till he came back for the X-Mas event and he told some of them then.


After dealing with personal issues and being away from the game for over a year, Shadow suddenly came back to RS. Since returning, Shadow has only said that he aims to reclaim his Quest Cape and he'll decide what to do from there. He does state however, that he is not fully active, nor retired at the moment. As of his return, he is 17 quests behind (soon to be 18 with the release of The World Wakes.)

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