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Taipan's third username formely borrowed the username Theuberelite, but otherwise known as Bigbluesky18. He started playing runescape under his first account Bigblueskys, in January 2008, a week before the wildy and trade limit was removed.

Current Status

Total Level: 2465

Agility 99
Attack 99
Construction 99
Cooking 99
Crafting 99
Defence 99
Dungeoneering 96
Farming 99
Firemaking 99
Fishing 99
Fletching 99
Herblore 99
Constitution 99
Hunter 99
Magic 99
Mining 99
Prayer 99
Ranging 99
Runecrafting 99
Slayer 92
Smithing 99
Summoning 99
Strength 99
Thieving 99
Woodcutting 99

Pking Video #1

Runescape Taipan Hybrid Fire Cape Torso Dclaws Max mage Pk Video 1

Runescape Taipan Hybrid Fire Cape Torso Dclaws Max mage Pk Video 1


On May 28, 2010 Taipan's first pking video was produced.

Player Killing & Clan History

Low Crator

About 6 months after making Bigblueskys, he created another account as a pure, "Bigbluesky18". While in the low crator for around 3 months meeting semi-famous and soon to be famous player such as x_checkme_x, Taco Limey, Grey Chins, he finally leveled out of low crator. After leveling out he did not pursue player killing in the mid or high level crators until player vs player worlds came out. When PvP worlds were introduced.

Team Y

After the introduction of PvP worlds, he went on to solo pking until he met another pker by the name of "Docmario7". He went on to introduce him to his clan members, Oh its mikey, Grunty52, Yzrider, Sargemoney, and Rap To Me444. Not soon after that they went on to take over the northwest Varrock prayer alter, using a technique's that invovled trading specials. Around 3–4 months of pking with Team Y, there was a dispute between Grunty52 and Bigbluesky18, where it escalated into the backstabbing of Bigbluesky18 by the other team member in multi-combat.


Not long after the backstabbing of Bigbluesky18 a friend named Jamalxxx2 invited him to join his clan known as African Unit. After the 1st month the clan ended up closing due to leaders being to busy.

Team Narnia

After African Unit closed it wasn't long before taco limey invited Bigbluesky18 into his team. We had taken over the prayer alter at 42 wilderness and were in constant fights against Killer Orgy and Team Havoc. When xx 0wn3ed xx and Red Sky 13 left Killer Orgy they formed a team called T0V which stands for Team 0wn3ed Vent, which he invited team narnia to join them. A few of us left which included I llamaguy I, chiz95, lugovedragon and others, joined Team 0nw3ed Vent.

Team 0nw3ed Vent (T0V)

It wasn't long before we had taken over 44 ports in which we sent Havoc, Authority and Killer Orgy Packing, we had constant singles wars against Killer Orgy where they would attempt to lure us or rag us. Soon after a few months of pking with them the end of the school year was coming up and led to xx 0wn3ed xx taking a 1-2 month break leaving Red Sky 13 in charge.

Team-Tension (TT)

This is when Bigbluesky18 ended up borrowing his friends username Theuberelite. When Red Sky 13 was put in charge he formed a clan called Team Tension; a single based clan. There were many disputes about the ranks that were given out to the people who didn't deserve a rank, which led to l llamaguy I leaving Team-Tension. Not soon after E D G E V 1 L was assigned pking leader status (which led to I llamaguy I leaving), who was abusing his powers of which he did not deserve, which led to Theuberelite leaving Team-Tension. The clan lasted about a month and a half before closing down due to disputes within the clan.

Elite Dark Forces (EDF)

After leaving Team Tension jamalxxx2 and Theuberelite decided to make a clan called Elite Dark Forces (EDF), they manage to pull about 20 people, but soon closed due to the lack of activeness.

Reopening African-Unit

After the closing of Elite Dark Forces Finsfan7, Jamalxxx2, and Theuberelite decided to reopen African Unit, but disputes between Finsfan7 and Jamalxxx2 led to it being reclosed...


This is when Theuberelite ended up changing his name to Taipan. The dispute between Jamalxxx2 and Finsfan7 led to them going there separate ways, with me and Jamalxxx2 joining his former clan which was just reopened called Distortion. Clearly Killing it (Taipan's former friend Zelfhar), had teamed up with Frozen Fury in a 2v1 clan fight against Distortion which led to disputes inside the clan and led to Taipan and Jamalxxx2 going there separate ways in which Taipan left distortion.

Rap To Me444

Not long after leaving distortion Taipan teamed up with Rap to me444, in which they made 2 player killing videos (both of which were removed). As of now they continue to player killed with each other, using skype to talk online. As of now Prodigy_6969, Azn Royalty, Rex Ninja, and P I C, are members of rap to me444 and Taipan's team.