Tangonacho is a RuneScape player who been a long-time member with the Runescape community, is famously known for achieving the feat of being first to 99 cook back in 2002. Also that day, "Tks" got it also, but it was confirmed Tango reached it first. Although the years have passed, Tango's own CC is still a pretty big hit and a popular cc to chat at (public to all). It is rumored that Tangonacho shows up in own Clan Chat. Tangonacho is known for her dedication of the game for cooking and known by her beloved fans. Known to have a great personality and not one of those "egoistic" Famous Runescapers. Tangonacho is known to be close with "The Diseased." No matter how long ago this was achieved, will always be known as one of the Runescape Legends.

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