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Combat level 74
Started playing 2006
Known for YouTube

TehNoobShow is a famous RuneScape player who rose to fame by creating videos for the Youtube community on his YouTube channel, Tehnoobworld. Since then, TehNoobShow has been acknowledged by Jagex and has been invited inside Jagex Studios along with Excl after the first RuneScape Machinima Contest. TehNoobShow's in-game character is portrayed by the old default character for all RuneScape players, a bald man with a goatee, tan shirt, and green pants. In real life videos the character is portrayed by a stuffed monkey.

Friends ChatEdit

TehNoobShow's friends chat was generally one of the most popular in RuneScape, but is now empty since he has not made any RuneScape videos since 2011. Common ranks of the clan chat include: Tina (a player moderator), Bobbie922Nyan All Day as well as K2. K2 was a guest star in one of the first TehNoobShow's. He is often in his clan chat, however, recently, has decided to make his own clan chat. (notable for being ranked in many famous clan chats), Ant, Merchers, Aspenfox, Mommakitty2 (now known as Heather), and G0SU.

When Clans first came out, the Teh friends chat died down significantly. Two clans - The Lollipops (led by Tina, Heather, Aspenfox, and Bobbie922) and The Lily (Led by Angelic Lily and Desiraee), spawned, mostly composed of regulars from the Teh chat. After some drama right before the release of Clan Citadels, Lollipops merged with The Lily.

After Angelic Lily mysteriously disappeared, Desiraee and Bobbie922 formed a new clan, The Seven Swords. The Seven Swords, unfortunately, was also short-lived, and after two weeks of drama and infighting, Pyro Colonel, Raine Sage, Bobb Saget, 3Derp, Epsilon AI, and envyye formed a new clan called "nou pls."

Nou pls is still in existence, and is largely composed of the old regulars from Tehnoobshow's friends chat. It is open to guests, and the rules are similar to tehnoobshow's chat, albeit unwritten. Due to its relative obscurity, few people ever guest.


Tehnoobshow has partnered with many famous RuneScape video makers such as Excl. He was one of the most subscribed RuneScape machinima creators on YouTube, alongside Sosolid2k. He is best known for his "Bob" series, his "Gods Exposed" series, and his "Fally Guard" series. His friends chat (formerly clan chat) was one of the most popular in-game chats.

On November 8th, 2012. TehNoobWorld uploaded a new video titled "Where has TehNoobShow Been", featuring their previous video series the "RuneScape Gods Exposed".

On August 6th, 2014, TehNoobWorld uploaded a video called "TehNoobShow Update" explaining that he officially quit playing Runescape, but might consider playing again sooner or later.

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