The Old Nite
Total level 2079
Combat level 126
Started playing 2002
Ended playing 2006
Achievements •Having been ranked 2nd on the hiscores
Known for •Stats and Personality

The Old Nite was an American RuneScape player that was listed at the top-10 for many years. At several times, he was ranked 1st among the hiscores.[citation needed] He was commonly battling out for first place in the early days of RuneScape with Zezima and Lilyuffie88. By mid 2006, The Old Nite held a party for achieving maximum stats. 

Death and Conspiracies

Just weeks later, The Old Nite had passed away battling against cancer. A small gathering was held in RuneScape to mourn his passing. His account was locked at the request of his son and wife shortly after his death and it remains locked to this day. However, his account still exists. This is evidenced by the fact that you are still able to add The Old Nite to your friends list.

Although his sister had confirmed his death, some people still believe that he is alive due to there being activity on his account after being locked.


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The Tip.It Times, Issue 1

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