ThisLastFury is a RuneScape player who is currently F2P, he is known for playing for over 6 years (since 2005) and being poor and low leveled even though he plays a lot and also for playing a major part in the major clans of the old bounty hunter world 32 being ranked in 5 large clans and had connections in all 3 of the major clans(and ranked in one). He himself said "I have no idea what i do when i log on." He recently made a clan and recruited about 50 people then made another account of his the owner to join a friends clan. He likes to keep all his acc separate acting as if they were sperate players. He roleplays everynow and prefers to hang out with friends. He is mostly known as Huff his real life nickname and part of many of his usernames. His most common usernames have been Huffs Armor, HuffFTW, XvsY, FireForever, and xPhlegethon. He's now low leved 90 with only 5skills 70+(4 are meele and HP, and Woodcutting)

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