== ThomasFroob: "The Underdog == Hi, guys I'm ThomasFroob. First of all, I'm NOT FAMOUS. My current name is Keeping Lies. I am currently trying to get 99 Woodcutting,then Fletching, and then Cooking. I don't have much money and recently spent around 2M to buy a Dragon Hatchet. I usually train at North Falador Ivy Patch on W42, 46, and 56. I'm at level 89 Woodcutting,88 Cooking,and 68 Fletching. After I achieved those 99s, I will sell my Skilling stuff and go back to Combat/Moneymaking. I'm hoping to get full void and 75 Att,Def,Constitution,Str,Ranged,Magic,Summoning,and Dungeoneering.




Con:71 (i think)




Dungeoneering:45(I think,possibly 46)

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