Tjpab, known as Tj, is a well regarded tank/skiller. He began playing RuneScape in early 2006. As of August 2011, Tj is 91 combat with 1940 total level.

Runescape Career

In a recent interview, Tj spoke about his combat and skilling goals. He plans on getting 90+ non-combat skills before he goes to work on 99 Range/Mage/HP. He says he will keep 75 Defence because, "Keeping 75 defence will allow me to be combat level 99. Level 99 combat with my non-combat skills at level 99 is pretty darn cool if you ask me."

Tj is currently associated with the clan Skilling Ltd. They are mostly filled with level 3 skillers, with openings for all levels. They can be found roaming World 21.

It is said that Tj has a YouTube channel called "iamTjpab," but has yet to release any videos.

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