Combat level 104
Started playing 2002

Tombogast2 is a RuneScape player who started playing in mid-2002. His first account "Tombogast" was stolen five days after creation because he was a victim of scam. He uses a very "offensive language" according to all the messages he has Jagex. Currently he is training Farming, he found that a skill is pretty cool. He is usually found in the "World 114" on "Piscatoris Fishing Colony", or at the five Tree or Fruit patches.

Tombogast2 current outfits are:

For combat:

Bronze Boots,

worn-out Bronze Gauntlets,

Bronze Chainbody,

Dusty Dragon Platelegs,

Dragon Full Helm (borrowed),

Dragon Square Shield,

Amulet of Fury,

Obsidian Cape,

Abyssal Whip.


For skilling:

White Desert Boots,

Cooking Gauntlets (white),

Black Platebody (T)

Black Platelegs (T),

Black Cavalier,

Unholy book,

Amulet of Fury,

Zammorak cloak,

Abyssal Whip.


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