Toonami (originally known as Midknight66) was the 2nd player to achieve 99 Dungeoneering and, as of 18 April 2012, he is ranked 5,927 overall with over 586,000,000 experience.


Keeping within the top 1000 Dungeoneering ranks within the first few days of its release, Toonami then teamed up with Mintella and from there on out, the two gained some of the fastest daily experience rates and quickly made it into the top 3. After achieving 99, Toonami took a small break for a week to spend time in real life. He later went back to playing with various team mates, each with a variety of different Dungeoneering ranks, hopping from rank 19 all the way back into the top 4. His main team mates consisted of Ry4n T05, Dark Lust, Ox, Wisely Done, Jake, Quirke01, and No Excuses.

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