Started playing August 4, 2004
Known for Not famous

Trust Me X (two spaces between the Trust and Me: Trust__Me_X) is a RuneScape free-to-play player, his max hit is 453 (old hitpoints) and is selfish by calling himself "best player". He worships Zamorak and started playing August 4, 2004. None of his skills are ranked on the hiscores. He is now known as JayGreatrix and was muted for mocking the religion and username of the moderators. He is also a member now. He and Maxboison were enthralled in a long argument over RuneScape after JayGreatrix (He was Trust  Me X then) killed Maxboison when he was wearing 3rd Age Armour. This is believed to be a reason why Maxboison quit RuneScape.

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