His old outfit.

Unhealthy is a casual player on RuneScape.

He mainly focuses on not having 9hp rather than skilling or botting.

At one point he had 9 Constitution, but lost it in November, along with his party hat (Lul). He went by the name MonkeyNuts from 1991 to late 2018 for a brief period before switching to CumDrinker, which was revoked after Jagex realized it was against the ToS.

After a brief break from the game to focus on drawing fury porn, he returned and was granted the name Crustybungole back, soon after he found some burnt chicken (zezima burnt it btw).

Burnt chicken detail

Not the actual chicken burnt by Zezima

Unhealthy can usually be found in Jake's friends chat (jake doesn't burn chiken btw) or in World 45. He is at 238 total level right now, working towards 9+ all stats (except hp, which is 10). His combat stats are all shit,  with the exception of Summoning, which he's left at 99 because hes like summing des nuts.


NineHP at Grand Exchange. (Before his name change and loss of 9 Hitpoints)

He is usually is willing to give people the old licky dicky  and discuss different fetishes, his favorite of which is fucking burnt chicken, (that zezima burnt btw).

Unhealthy usually skills wearing a brozne scimitar, klan hood, burnt chicken of Zezima.

Unhealthy had 9 Hitpoints from not levelling his account, because is so bad Jagex lowered his health. He procrastinated making a pure, out of pure laziness.

Unhealthy passed away in 2016, ironically, his cause of death was salmonella. 

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