Total level RuneScape: 2489
Old School RuneScape: 2277
Other names Sikletrynet
Hexis Vest
Known for Being the highest ranked player in Old School RuneScape
Clan Solace

Vestfold, also known as Sikletrynet, is the third highest ranked player in Old School RuneScape as of 18 April 2015.[1] In March 2013, he obtained level 99 in his first skill: Hunter.[2] On 8 December 2013, he attained the maximum overall level of 2277 after achieving 99 Woodcutting.[3] He obtained 200 million experience in his first skill, Cooking, on 1 February 2014.[4] On 26 March 2014, he became the first person to achieve 200 million experience in two skills after obtaining the milestone in Thieving,[5] and the first player to achieve 200 million experience in three skills after getting 200 million Firemaking experience on 2 August 2014.[6] Vestfold was also the first player to achieve one billion total experience in Old School RuneScape, which he achieved on 5 August 2014.[7]


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