WhyHaveALife is a player who has been around the community as some would say forever, since the games early days, before he quit. WhyHaveaALife's real name was Raivis played from Ireland and Latvia. He was talented as a skiller and a player vs monster hunter alike. Having accomplished max total in less than two years, before moving on to another account, themes of his videos included getting out in life and away from RuneScape. Playing more than twelve hours a day was of his biggest regrets. As a skilled video producer, he had a YouTube channel called "DELETED" with about 10,000 subscribers before he closed the channel. He quit RuneScape because he realized if he applied the ambition and passion he invested into Runescape, into something applicable in real life he would be successful. Remembered as a kind player with a good sense of humor and respected by the YouTube and RuneScape community; he hopes the messages behind his videos relating to RuneScape, addiction, and life helped at least one fellow RuneScaper break through hard times and find their call in life outside of RuneScape.

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