Combat level 82
Started playing October 2007
Known for Creating the RuneScape Players Wiki

Wilfrid90 is the player belonging to Joe, and started playing in October 2007. Joe created the RuneScape Players Wiki on 30 April 2009.

I started out as a real, proper noob. It took me 2 days to complete tutorial island and when I did I died about 20 times every day. All my friends at school tried to give me help, but I ended up being like that for about 2 months. I was about to give up, then I discovered the Knowledge Base. After spending loads of time reading it, I knew more than my friends, and started to do quests. After they were all done (not long) I faced the ultimate challenge for a level 35. Dragon Slayer. I started it, an soon had done Melzar's Maze and the rest. It was time to face the dragon. Gulp. I went into Karamja volcano, having spent 13k on various runes and robes (a lot for me, even now I only have 2k cos money is not a factor). It killed me after about 30 seconds. I will not bore you with loads of other attempts (there was about 50), but I did it at level 46. Soon I saved up and got a rune platebody. It was a huge accomplishment for me, as up until then I was using bronze. Nowadays I can be found taking screenshots for the RS wiki and generally playing. I will always try new updates, and am an average player.

Joe, RuneScape Players Wiki