This account got created in early 2007. Although the creator of this account, Axel, had a few other accounts all the way back from 2004 that unfortunately had been hacked.

From the start, Wizzy did not have very much money at any time. And getting over the 100k mark was very hard. Another thing that was so special about this is that when Wizzy finally got above the 100k mark, he tended to get scammed. But at last, he learned all the common and uncommon scams and began to rise his cashpile and stats.

At first Wizzy Copy was supposed to be an mage pure, as those could be VERY dangerous in wildy back then. And as the rune prices weren't to expensive either, a mage pure was rather cheap to have.

So Wizzy started to raise his magic level, but ran out of money after a little while. But fortunately enough for him, some nice player gave him 7M. So as Wizzy began to train magic at gnome guards he got more and more comfortable until he died when he was AFKing and lost all his runes, thus making him loose all his money.

Back to 0gp.

As he hit the 100k mark once more. He began training melee instead. First chickens, then goblins, then rock crabs and then everything else. It didn't take long before he found a very good money source, the hill giants.

So grabbing a brass key, rune scimitar, rune kite, rune med, rune chain and rune platelegs he went of to kill them and make some money.

It didn't take long before he hit 500k. And that was when he started to train range. All of a sudden, he decided to be an range tank. He trained his range to a fairly high level, then he started to train melee again.

Then back to magic, range, melee, range and then some melee.

Then he decided to skill a bit gaining levels in all memb skills.

2009-2010 he played less than ever. Maxing at 10-14hrs a week.

As of today, he plays runescape 20+hrs a week and have a combat level of 108 and a total level at 1700-1710.

And just so you know, Wizzy Copy will one day be known as the richest player and one of the top RSMV makers.

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