Combat level 92 Total level 1452
Member Yes
Status Still Playing
Where from Norway
Quest Points 184
Started playing 2006

xSaurZ began playing runescape in 2006, and was then named "mmoobbooyy". After quite a while with hangouts like "moo", "cow", and of course "bruh", he switched his name to "1337 4 d34d". (You know the game Left for dead, well yeah, he took that name, wrote it in leet speak, but added leet instead of left.) Then people started asking him why his name failed, so he got tired of that.. ANYWAYS! His name is now xSaurZ, and that's what his gamertag on Ps3 is also. He wants his first 3 Skillcapes to be in Agility, Firemaking and Runecrafting. You can check out his adventurer's log right here .

xSaurZ also like to play Minecraft, and sometimes upload videos on YouTube. (Both minecraft and runescape videos.) But since he's not that popular in game, or at YouTube, he haven't been uploading so much lately. He is also a musician IRL, so I bet he will be happy if u suggest anything for him. His Minecraft gamertag is Saurrz, you can find some of his "work" for MineCraft here .

His YouTube channel can be found here .

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