Xam 2y
Combat level 106
Started playing 2001
Known for Having been one of the first players in RuneScape.

Xam 2y has played RuneScape since June 2001. Due to financial rescrictions, Xam 2y lacks only the Flagstaff of Festivities, the RuneFest Hood, and the Golden Scythe.

In 2001, Xam 2y created his account and leveled up to about 30 in most skills. Tired of the monotony of regular gameplay, Xam 2y quit the game, only checking the home page periodically to make sure the promised holiday events were not missed by him. Indeed, until June 2005, four years since Xam 2y was created, he only collected holiday rewards which would never be available again. Starting in 2005, Xam 2y had access to a plethora of skilling techniques, including the use of membership thorugh the summer months.

Xam 2y achieved all skills above level 50 in 2009, where a busy school schedule had limited his time ingame.

In real life, Xam 2y is an execellent student, consistently receiving 95% and higher in all classes. He has stated many times that playing a mere half hour of runescape a day does not inhibit his social life or ability to do well in school.

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