Xcaliber a7x2

Xcaliber a7x

xcaliber a7x is a player combat level 84.

He isn't famous for anything he is just a normal runescape player but is very rich for a level 84 with 200m cash plus a white p-hat,

he started playing in 2007 and has been playing since.

From 2008 till the beginning of 2010 he had quit the game but since then in February 2010 he started playing again,

please feel free to add him (xcaliber a7x) his username is harmon 123 but don't add him as that.

He currently owns 3 pures all level 31 they are;


a langbang

pk assasin32

he currently has 123 friends added in his friends list and has been a member before.

His stats:
Overall 995
Attack 68
Defence 62
Strength 72


Ranged 73
Prayer 45
Wealth over 500m

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