Zaro1111 is a player who started his RuneScape days as a tramp in Lumbrigde begging and dancing for money. He created his account in early 2008 but since then he has made an approximate 30k (30 000 RuneScape gold) profit from his dancing and begging techniques.

Sadly there's rumors about Zaro1111 being a 51 year old man with no job, all the time playing RuneScape and buying Membership has led him into debt and a obsessive computer addiction (OCA). At a young age, Zaro1111 got teased because of his size and later in life this effected him and led him towards RuneScape.

He started RuneScape because he could feel like hes on top of the world but he still had to face life. These days he can be found on worlds such as 112, 108 and 164. He is still poor so those with a kind heart donate to this poor soul he needs every bit of money.

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